How To Effortlessly Attract Good Quality Marriage Prospects WITHOUT Wasting Your Time On The Wrong Ones!
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Frequently Asked Questions About This Offer

What Exactly Do I Get When I Buy The Perfect Profile?

Here's what you'll get when you buy The Perfect Profile at the Introductory price of just $27:

  1. Five audio recordings: Over 2 hours of profile boosting content designed to help you create an amazing, compelling profile
  2. Workbook: Contains exercises designed to help you get clear on what you want and who you are. With lots of examples of good and bad profiles, plus pointers on how to get your profile sharp and to the point!
  3. Cheat Sheet: A quick reference guide you can keep handy when writing your profile so you'll know if you've covered all bases
  4. Fill In The Blank Profile Template: Stuck for what to write and how to write it? No problem! Our workbook contains a fill in the blank profile template to help you create an awesome profile - even if you suck at writing!
  5. BONUS #1- 100 Questions to Ask A Prospective Spouse - Never be stuck for conversation again!
  6. BONUS#2 - 10 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Married Life - Learn how to prepare yourself for a marriage and not a wedding!
  7. BONUS#3 - Qualities & Characteristics When Searching For A Spouse - In this video by Sheikh Musleh Khan, you'll learn what's most important to focus on in your search for a spouse!

The Perfect Profile is worth $97, and will help you attract the right marriage prospects insha'Allah. However! In this special introductory offer, you can grab everything for just $27 - that's a full $70 off the retail value!

But you'll have to hurry as this offer comes down soon!

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

We offer a full, 60 day guarantee on the quality of our product - The Perfect Profile. If you feel this has not helped you write a better profile, simply let us know and we'll refund the money. If we can't help you create a more compelling profile, we don't think we deserve to keep your money!

Please note though, we do not offer any guarantees that you will definitely get married as a result of creating a better profile, as we have no control over how you or your family interact with potential prospects. We also do not guarantee that people will definitely contact you, because this is very much dependent on what you write and how well others receive your profile. 

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Special Introductory Offer Ends Soon!

Is The Perfect Profile Only For Matrimonial Sites?

No! The Perfect Profile course is very versatile because you can use it online and offline! This means you'll benefit if you're going to marriage events, marriage agencies and also if you're giving your profile to family and friends so they can help you find someone.

It's a great way of helping you start powerful and meaningful conversations with potential prospects, so you're never stuck for what to say!

We've designed the course to be reflective, so it helps you condense your thoughts and your personal story into a few powerful paragraphs. This makes this course PERFECT for when you need to fill out the 'About Me' sections on job applications, for your resume or even when submitting applications for higher education!

It's truly an amazing product with so many ways of benefiting from the material. We think you'll love it!

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Special Introductory Offer Ends Soon!
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